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TAKE ACTION! Tell Gov. Inslee:
'We need a fair wage increase!'

We need every Local 17 member to let the Governor and state executives know that it's time for a fair wage increase! Please take a moment to take one or more of the following actions:

Send a form email to the Governor and state executives!

Circulate this petition among your co-workers!

Call Gov. Inslee: 1-800-562-6000 or (360) 902-4111.
Urge him to support a contract that increases wages and does not increase health care costs!

The last state negotiations session is scheduled for Sept. 18 -- please take action before then to ensure they hear our message!

Supreme Court Rules Against Gainsharing Lawsuit

On August 14, the Washington State Supreme Court upheld the Legislature's elimination of the gainsharing benefit for State employees. Local 17 will keep a close eye on this issue in the coming weeks to determine the specific impacts to our members in PERS 3. Read more about the case on the state page.


Recommended Reading from the Executive Director

Here are a couple of recent op-eds about our crumbling infrastructure and the war on workers from the New York Times, recommended by Local 17's Executive Director Joe McGee.

The War on Workers
July 2, 2014

Porches, potholes and patriots
July 5, 2014

Check out Local 17's
award-winning video: "We Work"


As part of the 2013 MayWorks celebration of labor, the Washington State Labor Council sponsored a video contest, and Local 17's video took second place! Thanks to all of our members who work hard everyday to keep our communities safe and healthy!