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The 5th annual Public Health Legislative Education Day will take place on Feb. 4, 2015 in Olympia. This event gives Local 17 members and other public health workers the opportunity to meet face-to-face with legislators to educate them about the important work that they do everyday to protect the health and safety of the public. To learn more about the event, or to register, visit:

Recommended Reading from the Executive Director:
The Importance of Funding Public Health

Our public health members work behind-the-scenes to keep our communities safe. From monitoring water and toxins at the Oso mudslide, to providing masks to residents affected by the Carlton Complex wildfires, to promptly alerting Mercer Island residents about how to treat a possible E. coli contamination in the water supply, public health services are vital to our health and safety in emergencies. However, public health agencies also work on a daily basis to regulate our restaurants and well water, and provide essential services, like maternity and nutritional assistance, to people in need, among many other things.

While the needs are great, funding continues to decrease. Two recent editorials highlight the funding needed for these important services.

Fund Public Health - Seattle & King County, for much more than Ebola response
Seattle Times, Oct. 14, 2014

Critical public health services are at risk
The Olympian, Oct. 13, 2014

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