TAKE ACTION! Tell Senate Republicans not to fund education at the expense of other vital services!

The Washington State Senate Republicans released their budget on March 21, and not surprisingly, it does not fund state employee contracts, Public Health, or reforms to improve the funding structure for public safety and other vital services at the local government level. They are proposing sweeping cuts to government instead of finding new sources of revenue to fund these important services that are already stretched too thin.

TAKE ACTION! Send an email to these Senators using our pre-formated action alert to let them know to close tax loopholes and end the tax break on capital gains before cutting some of our most critical services.

What is the Value of a Union?

In this video, Local 17 members talk about the value of having a union.

Right-to-Work is just plain WRONG

Watch this video from Robert Reich, economist and former Secretary of Labor, to better understand how Right-to-Work laws threaten your contract, workplace, and community.


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