Local 17 Executive Board

The Local 17 Board consists of members who are elected to a three year term by the membership. They serve on a volunteer basis and are employed at the jurisdcitions indicated below their name. They are not employed by Local 17.

Please refer to Article 5 of the Local 17 Constitution for a complete description of the structure of the Board and position descriptions. The Board generally meets once per month at the Local 17 office in Seattle. Board members can arrange for some work loss and travel expenses to be covered, or can join the meeting via phone/video technology.

For the full election notice with the details on how submit nominations, please see the July/Aug issue of Insight magazine. If you have additional questions about serving as a Board member, please contact Operations Director Anthony Davidson at 206-328-7321 ext. 121.

Contact Information

2900 Eastlake Avenue East, Ste. #300
Seattle, Washington 98102
Phone: (206) 328-7321 or
(800) 783-0017
Fax: (206) 328-7402
Email: executiveboard@pte17.org

Hossein Barahimi
(King County)

Sean Simmons
Vice President

Cindy Watanabe-Mezs
(King County)

Mary Davis
(City of Seattle)

Jessica Garcia
(Benton Franklin Health District)

Sarah Spotts
(City of Portland)