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Local 17 publishes a the Steward Statement, which has a useful article on subjects that concern stewards. Click a topic below to view. (PDF)

Singing a new Song in a Bad Economy

Why be in the Union When They get What we get?

Health Care Reform: Where do we go from here

Breaking in a new Adminstration

Public Health: A look at the effects of 10 Years of Funding Cuts, Where do we go now?

Settle in With a Good Labor Book or Film

On-line Advocacy Opportunities

Furlough: the Other "F" word

Inappropriate Workplace Behavior: Bullying or Harassment?

What is PERC and and why is it important to my job

What to Expect from a Performance Evaluation

What are Your Rights Under a Re-organization?

Filing a Grievance: What you Need to Know

The Salary Survey: an Important Tool

Protecting the Right to Join a Union

Building Member Power: How do we
add Members to our Workplace?

What are my Electronic Privacy Rights at Work?

Disabilities in the Workplace

Making the Most of Family Leave

Understanding Family Medical Leave: What You Need to Know

Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Free Speech in the Workplace: Where is the line With Political Action?

You’re in the Union: now What?
How can I get involved?

Is it a Grievance or is it just a Gripe?

Building Political Influence Through Contract Language

Making an Information Request: Use Wisely

What do Labor Management Committees (LMCs) do?

Interest Arbitration: Why Contract Outcomes can be different for Uniformed and Other Qualifying Employees

Building the Union Through Internal Organizing

What does "Just Cause" Mean?

Knowing Your Past: How it can Help You in the Future

The Loudermill Right: One of an Employee's Most Important Rights

Labor Celebrates Martin Luther King's Legacy

Member-to-Member Conflict: What can a Steward do?

Public Employees' Paychecks: How the Economy Affects Your Bottom Line

What You Should Know About Your Pension

What is PERC and How Can it Help Resolve Disputes?

Protecting the Process: What are my Rights and Responsibilities?

Seniority: Why it's Important in the Collective Bargaining Agreement

Apathy is the Enemy: How Solidarity Can Make a Difference

Know Your Rights as a Steward

Using Union Communications to Strengthen Your Bargaining Unit's Power

"Is my supervisor just a 'Jerk' or is it a Hostile Work Environment?"

Test Your Knowledge: Labor Terms Word Scramble

Using the web Resources to Stregthen Your Union

What is Bargainable in the Contract, What to Watch For

What is Local 17? - a Lesson in Local 17 and AFL-CIO History

Past Practice: What a Steward Should Know

Why Union?

Can the Work E-mail System be Used for Union Business?