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Election Day is Nov. 6!

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Talk to a member of the Portland Chapter PAC (Paul Cone, Sarah Spotts, Leah Dawkins) about our endorsements. Reminder: all political activities must be on your personal time and not on City resources.

Measure 101 Passes! Plus short session begins

Following the Jan. 23 passage of Measure 101 which secured Medicaid funding for the year, the Oregon legislature convened this week for the 2018 short session. With Measure 101 passed, this frees the 2018 Legislature to focus on other priorities, including job training, educational investments, and potentially work on carbon pricing.

Local 17 is tracking several issues closely, including the prescription drug price transparency bill,which passed out of the House Committee on Health Care with bipartisan support. This issue has been discussed for several years, and Local 17 is hopeful that bringing transparency to prescription drug pricing will help address an area of spending that has been taking an ever increasing portion of our health care dollars.

While public employee retirement benefit reform has been the subject of much heated discussion in Salem in recent years, it appears unlikely that the legislature will undertake such an effort during the short session. We understand that PERS is a critical part of our members’ benefit packages we will stay closely attuned to any proposals to change these benefits.

We will continue to follow this legislative session, and please watch this page for additional updates throughout session.

A Union Guide to the Oregon Election

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