Member Resources

Welcome to Local 17!
Check out our Member Guide

Looking for a copy of your contract?
Start with your bargaining unit.

Have a workplace issue that you think may be a violation of your contract?
Start with the Grievance Form and Understanding Grievances.

Requested to attend an investigatory meeting with your boss?
Read about your Weingarten Rights - the right to have union representation
at any meetings that could lead to discipline.

Can’t find your Steward?
Start with your bargaining unit and look for a list of Stewards or contact your Union Representative.

Interested in learning more about Local 17 policies and procedures?
Read the Local 17 constitution.

Want to attend a training or membership meeting?
Look at the Calendar of Events.

Want to know what chapter you're in and who your chapter leaders are?
Check out the Chapter Directory.

Interested in a leadership position?
Learn more here.

See a bulletin board that needs updating?
Order a bulletin board kit here.

Want to better understand labor terms?
Check out the Labor Glossary.