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Local 17 Union Representatives for City of Seattle Members:

Guadalupe Perez, 206-328-7321 - ext. 109
(City Light, DoIT, Fire, Housing, Neighborhoods, Seattle Center)

Ray Sugarman, 206-328-7321 - ext. 107
(Arts, Econ. Dev., Ethics, FAS, Law, OCR, Parks, Retirement, SPU)

Shaun Van Eyk, 206-328-7321 - ext. 133

City Council affirms that city employees can take unpaid leave on May Day without retaliation

The Seattle City Council voted unanimously on April 24 to remind city workers they can take unpaid leave without retaliation on May Day (May 1) -- also known as International Workers' Day.

City workers have the right to request one of two unpaid days off per year for "a reason of faith and conscience," and a supervisor has an obligation to grant this day off for non-emergency workers, unless the supervisor can demonstrate undue hardship for the department.

You can read the full resolution HERE.

El Comite, Working Washington, and the May 1st Action Coalition are planning a march for worker and immigrant rights starting at Judkins Park at 1pm on Mon., May 1. Find more information about the event HERE.

You have new Paid Parental and Family Care Leave Benefits!

After lots of hard work by the Coalition of City Unions, Mayor Ed Murray, and the City Council, City of Seattle employees are now eligible for up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave and 4 weeks of family care leave, retroactive to Jan. 1, 2017.

Watch our informational video below to learn more about the new paid parental and family care leave policies, and visit our FAQs for more details.

Labor Unions and City come to agreement on Paid Parental Leave & Family Leave

Local 17, in conjunction with the Coalition of City Unions (“Coalition”), has recently reached an Agreement with the City of Seattle that would expand the current Paid Parental Leave to 12 weeks, as well as add four weeks of Paid Family Leave for City employees. The benefit is retroactive to Jan. 1, 2017.

Paid Parental Leave:  Within twelve (12) months of a qualifying event, employees shall receive an additional eight (8) weeks of paid leave, for a total of twelve (12) weeks of paid parental leave; the last four (4) weeks is only available provided the employee first draws down their paid leave banks to a maximum of one (1) week vacation and two (2) weeks of sick leave. If the employee leave bank is already at or below those thresholds; they would not be required to draw down any leave to access the full twelve (12) weeks. No drawdown of banked leave will be required to access the first eight (8) weeks.

Family Leave: Separate from the expanded paid parental leave benefit, employees would be entitled to up to four (4) weeks of family care leave in a rolling twelve (12) month period to care for a spouse/domestic partner, child, or parent of the employee or spouse/domestic partner, with a serious health condition, provided, that the health condition is certified by a health care provider and the employee has first drawn down their banked leave to a maximum of one (1) week of vacation leave and two (2) weeks of sick leave.

Local 17 demands to bargain space planning changes at the City

You can read the letter we submitted to the City in June demanding to bargain any changes in your work environment due to the reallocation and movement of workspaces.

Response to Request for SPD Employee Information

Local 17 is working collaboratively with the Seattle Police Guild and the Dispatchers Guild to stop the release of the personal and work history information of SPD employees to a California media outlet called PINAC News. An injunction has been filed in the courts, and there is a hearing scheduled for May 24th.

The request for information affects for both sworn and civilian staff, and contains the following information:

  • Name
  • Badge number
  • Badge photo
  • Birthday
  • Hire date
  • Position title
  • Unit name
  • Hourly salary

So far, we have been able to successfully negotiate with PINAC News to accept ages instead of full dates of birth, as there are clear concerns with privacy and identity theft. However, none of your information will be released until the results of the hearing are determined.

Along with other unions, Local 17 has been leading the charge to change the public disclosure laws in Washington state. This remains a high priority issue in the next legislative session in Olympia.

Update -- June 8: At the hearing on June 8, the court upheld the temporary injunction on the release of your badge photos. Another hearing will be held to determine if this resolution is permanent. We will update you on the date of the next hearing when we know.

Meanwhile, the City has released the remainder of the requested information (name, badge number, hire date, position title, salary, etc.), in order to be in compliance with public disclosure laws. The important exception to this release is your birthdate, which has been replaced with your age.

2015-18 contract vote passes overwhemingly!

The electronic ballots for voting on the 2015-18 master and municipal court contracts closed on Mon., Dec. 14 at 5 p.m.

The master contract passed with an overwhelming 97.4% 'YES' vote, while the Municipal Court contract was voted 100% 'YES'.

At this point, we do not know the exact dates for when the new wage rates and retroactive pay will be effective. The contracts will be submitted to City Council in early January, and we expect the council to vote on it in late January. The 2016 wage adjustments and retroactive pay will follow.

As soon as we receive the exact dates from the City for when the new wage rates and retro pay will be reflected in your paychecks, we will communicate that information to you. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact your Union Representative.

Thanks again for your participation in this important process!

Seattle Chapter Meetings

The next meeting is on:
Thursday • Aug. 10
12 Noon - 1:00 p.m.
SMT Room 1610

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Seattle Chapter Officers & REC Delegates

Below is the list of officers and Regional Executive Committee (REC) delegates.

President: Denise Krownbell
Vice President: Mary Davis
Secretary: Joe Steinmeyer
Treasurer: Gabriela Vega Kock

REC Delegates
Roger Baker
Kristi Barton
Heidi Baumgardner
Kathy Boone
Joseph Bullock
Jason Carroll
Arabella Corcoro
Mary Davis
Koffi Fadonougbo
Gene Harris
Stefanie Hegland
Ulysses Hillard
Samantha Kealoha
Denise Krownbell
Gerard Legall
Vicki Lord
Timothy Lowry
Jennifer Lyman
Blake Morrison
Dan O’Sullivan
Deborah Pate
Art Pederson
Cynthia Robinson
Charlie Rogers
Brett Ronneberg
Sal Sailik
Joe Steinmeyer
Dianne Thomas
Ariska Thompson
Zach Valenter
Stuart Vitagliano
Bradley Wilburn
Darren Wilson
Allan Yamaguchi
Patricia Young

MLKC Labor Council Delegates
Ulysses Hillard
Guadalupe Perez


Find a downloadable list of Local 17 Stewards throughout the City of Seattle HERE.

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