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Local 17 Union Representatives for WSDOT Members

Alexis Young: ext. 103
(Eastern, N.Central, S. Central, SW Region)
Sarah Lorenzini: ext. 110
(Ferries, HQ, NW Region, NW AWV, NW I-405, NW SR 520, Olympic)

2019-21 contract negotiations have begun!

Your Local 17 state employee bargaining team (pictured at right) met with management on April 25 to present our first set of proposals for the 2019-2021 contract negotiations.

The team used the hundreds of Local 17 contract survey responses, as well as experiences in their respective offices, to develop work-rule proposals. While wage increases continue to be the top priority in this contract, other items on the priority list include: implementing tools for succession planning, getting more training for union Stewards, and having better access to new employees to help them understand the importance of being a union member. Economic discussions will be held closer to the release of the state’s revenue forecast.

Negotiations continue on May 30 when management will present their first set of proposals and likely some initial responses to ours. Stay tuned for more robust updates as we get farther into the bargaining process.

If you have any questions, please contact your Union Representative.

2017-19 State Contract

Your 2017-19 contract was approved by the legislature on June 30, 2017. In accepting the terms of the new contract, the following changes will be enacted on July 1, 2017:

  • A 6% cost-of-living increase, which includes a 2% increase in July 2017, a 2% increase in July 2018, and a 2% increase in January 2019.
  • Additional targeted salary increases for more than 80% of our members
  • An increase in vacation accrual (for the first time in decades!)
  • An increase in the number of rest hours paid after 16 hours of work in a 24 hour period
  • The ability to grieve workplace behavior investigations
  • Improved supervisory pay for DOL-LSRs
  • A 53% increase in the night shift premium
  • Flexibility for employees' whose day off falls on a holiday
  • Maintainance of the healthcare premium-sharing ratio (85/15)

But our work is not done yet!

Members must be prepared to strongly lobby legislators to pass the state employee contracts. The funding of this agreement and all state employee union contracts will be determined by the 2017 legislature that must approve a budget to absorb the cost of the agreements. Lawmakers will be challenged by this while also considering the needs within the entire state budget including a State Supreme Court mandate that billions of new funding must be provided to basic education.

Additionally, Local 17 staff and members will challenge the State agencies covered by this process to continue to look at those classifications at DOL, DOT and WSP that did not receive special targeted classification salary increases. Members will be needed to get involved in this process as well.

You can read more about this year's negotiations, and find the details of the 2017-19 agreement below.

Summary of Changes

Full tentative agreement (red-lined)

Compensation Appendicies C and E

State employee birthdates prohibited from release to Freedom Foundation

In the on-going court case between public sector unions in Washington state -- including Local 17 -- and the Freedom Foundation, the Court Commissioner this week prohibited the release of state employee birthdates to the anti-union group pending the outcome of the appeal. Since this could take up to a year to work its way through the Appeals Court, this is a victory for state union members who are concerned about safeguarding their personal information.

In compliance with the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56.250), state employee names and work emails have been released to the Freedom Foundation. Local 17 will be working with other unions in the 2017 legislative session to ammend the requirements of this law to ensure that your privacy is protected.

Current Contract

To access an electronic version of the 2017-19 Collective Bargaining Agreement, click here.

WSDOT Stewards

A current list of WSDOT Stewards.

Stewards! Find bulletin board resources here.

Chapter Officers

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Shared Leave Requests

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