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WSDOT Shared Leave Requests

Due to serious health conditions, the following WSDOT employees have exhausted their leave balances and are in need of Shared Leave.

If you are in need of shared leave, please contact your Human Resource Consultant.

If you are aware of members who have been approved for Shared Leave but do not appear on this list, please forward their names to your union representative.

If you wish to donate leave, please complete the updated version of the Shared Leave Donation Form (Filemaker Pro version) and submit it to the Headquarters Payroll Office at Mailstop 47420 or fax it to (360) 705-6878.

Shared leave has been approved for the following employees:

List updated on Nov. 28, 2017

Anglin, Laurinda - Northwest Region
Apple, Ryan - Olympic Region
Auseth, Benjamin - HQ Mats Lab
Busby, Carl - Eastern Region
Butler, Jamie - HQ Environmental Services
Clarke, David - Northwest Region
Cooper, Eddie - Southwest Region
Corcoran, Kevin - Northwest Region
Cushman, Tom - Olympic Region
Davis, Angela - HQ Multimodal Planning
Dow, Karen - HQ Mats Lab.
Howe, Rebecca - Headquarters
Kaiser, Mark - South Central Region
Lee, Chi-Fai - Northwest Region
Liambila, Victoria - Eastern Region
Makhlouf, Galina - Olympic Region
McClain, April - HQ Mats Lab
Moe, Johnna - Northwest Region
Moorman, Les - Northwest Region
Moses, Gregory - Eastern Region
Mounaier, Abdol - Northwest Region
Neet, Bryan - Northwest Region
Nichols, Mike - Northwest Region
Oestrich, Joan - Northwest Region
Schell, Becky - Olympic Region
Torres, Richard - Northwest Region
Waite, Anne - Eastern Region