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VOTE on the Tentative Agreement for your 2019-21 contract!

On Sept. 12, your Local 17 negotiations team came to a tentative agreement on the 2019-21 contract with the State of Washington.

While there are many gains in this contract, we are disappointed with the State on several key issues. Please read our detailed description of the issues, as well as a full description of wins, in the summary below. (You can also find the wins in our previous post - scroll down to see more.)

Voting on this proposal will be online only -- you will not receive a paper ballot. Supporting documents and the online ballot can be found at the links below.


2019-21 Negotiations Summary and Contract Highlights
2019-21 Full Redlined Tentative Agreement (TA)
2019-21 TA - Compensation (Article 42)
2019-21 TA - Healthcare
2019-21 Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)

Please remember to use your personal time and resources to vote!

Online balloting closes at 12 p.m. on Thurs., Sept. 27.

Tentative Agreement reached on 2019-21 contract!

We are happy to announce that we’ve reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) on your 2019-2021 contract with the State of Washington!

Your Local 17 State bargaining team worked tirelessly on your behalf thoughout this process to get the best deal possible, including working late into the night on Wed., Sept. 12 to come to this agreement.

Highlights of the TA include: 

  • A 3% cost of living adjustment (COLA) in each year of the Agreement, totaling 6% over the biennium
  • Additional 5% targeted wage increase for Licensing Service Representatives (LSRs) at the Department of Licensing (DOL)
  • Additional 5% to 7.5% targeted wage increases for Communication Officers and Assistants (COs and COAs) at the Washington State Patrol (WSP)
  • Additional 5% assignment pay for the the Local 17 Engineers and Engineering Technicians in the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Northwest Region Traffic Management Center
  • Five percent (5%) premium or geographic pay for members with duty stations in King County
  • Additional 4 hours (8 hours total) of master agreement training for Local 17 Stewards
  • The creation of a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) with $250 from the State for those who make less than $50,004.00 per year
  • Expansion of the ORCA card program to Snohomish and Pierce Counties (King County already has this), and a $50 subsidy for State employees who use a Van Pool in those same counties
  • A $5,000.00 lump sum for WSDOT employees who take and pass the Professional Engineer (PE) examination
  • Contracting out language that holds WSDOT accountable for contracting work that’s historically been done by State employees
  • More transparent recruitment announcements from WSDOT
  • Requirement of 9 hours between shifts for WSP employees
  • More flexible vacation scheduling for LSRs

Keep your eyes peeled for more details on the contract and information on the voting process next week!

A BIG THANK YOU to the bargaining team for their dedication and their many hours of work put into getting you this deal: Faith Shuler, Steve Morgans, Daniel Jones, Eliza McGovern, Jeannie McCully, and Elsa Pond from WSDOT; Mindi Mezek and Russ Hallgren for WSP; and Donna Blume and Heather Hoffmann for the DOL. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Union Representatives, or a member of the bargaining team.

2019-21 contract negotiations update

State management presented its initial compensation package on August 9, including general wage increases (sometimes called “cost of living” or COLA raises), as well as targeted increases for specific classifications.

While there was some good news in that the state has responded to recruitment and retention issues for one of the Local 17-represented groups, there were no targeted increases proposed for most of our classifications, many of which have also been experiencing recruitment and retention issues, and/or were shown by the state’s own salary survey to be furthest behind their market rates. According to the State’s own salary survey, WSDOT engineers are almost 45% the market rate, and our DOL auditors are over 70% behind. And the State’s own data indicates that Licensing Service Representatives at the DOL have a 37.5% turnover rate.

The union has requested data behind the proposal to help understand why some classifications seem to have been ignored. Your co-workers on the negotiating team and union staff expressed disappointment and outrage that some groups of workers who were left out during the last round of negotiations have once again been left behind. We will continue to make information requests and devise a strategy to achieve fair increases for all of our members.

The state also has proposed a very modest general wage increase, which would be in addition to any agreed-upon “targeted” or “market” increases. That increase would be far less than the current contract increases and would not be adequate to make up for the lost ground in wages that state employees have suffered in recent years, and definitely not enough to keep up with other public and private employers who frequently use state employees as a recruiting pool.

Your union team will continue to advocate for fair wage increases, and may call on the membership to take action in the upcoming weeks. Our next bargaining session is scheduled for September 5 and 6, and our final session is scheduled for September 12. If no agreement is reached, additional bargaining sessions are possible. Per State statute, we are required to have a ratified contract by October 1.

2019-21 contract negotiations reach mid-point

Your Local 17 contract negotiations team has had several sessions with agency management, starting with our first session in late April. While we’ve yet to discuss compensation, we’ve discussed and have come to tentative agreements on a number of other areas in the contract. Many of the issues raised this session are the same as in previous years, but we have also negotiated and come to agreement on several new issues.

At the initial session on April 25, the Local 17 team presented a robust set of proposals, which included proposed changes to Articles 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, 16, 21, 29, 31, 34, 38, and 41 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). At the following set of discussions at the end of May, the State responded to many of our proposals, largely proposing to keep much of the contract status quo. At those two sessions, the parties discussed Articles 7, 9, 12, 16, 29, 34, and 49.

During the four sessions in June, the two teams continued to discuss and make counter proposals to the above articles, and ended with tentative agreements on Articles 12, 13, 16, 29, 31, 34, 39, 41, and 49.

Among hot topics for the DOL is a repeat from the last session -- trying to bring equity to the Licensing Service Representatives who regularly have Mondays off. Those employees receive less holiday pay than Monday through Friday employees because they receive Saturdays off, which is only a 6-hour day (versus 8.5 hours on Monday through Friday). Increasing compensation for the DOL Fuel Tax Auditors will remain a priority as it has been in past sessions. According to the state’s own salary survey, this group of Local 17 members is over 70% behind market rate.
Big issues for the WSP continue to revolve around safe staffing, and recruitment and retention issues. The Bellevue call center continues to routinely be staffed by Communication Officers (COs) at less than 50% capacity, posing a real danger to the public’s access to emergency services and making it difficult to schedule vacations or take sick leave. For the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers (CVEOs), probationary periods for new employees remains a topic of discussion at the table.

For our WSDOT members, compensation for the Planning series remains a priority, as does creating rules around contracting out and incentives or reimbursements for employees to become licensed engineers. The agency will be facing a tsunami of retirements in the coming years, and lacks the number of licensed engineers to successfully implement their current Construction Business Plan.
The next session will take place August 8 and 9, and your Local 17 team will meet prior to create an initial compensation proposal. On August 3, some team members will also participate in coalition bargaining to negotiate the healthcare cost share with State representatives.

Local 17 team members include: Faith Shuler, Steve Morgans, Daniel Jones, Eliza McGovern, Jeannie McCully, and Elsa Pond from WSDOT; Mindi Mezek and Russ Hallgren for WSP; and Donna Blume and Heather Hoffmann for the DOL. Local 17 staff Sarah Lorenzini and Alexis Young are facilitating the discussions.

2019-21 contract negotiations have begun!

Your Local 17 state employee bargaining team (pictured at right) met with management on April 25 to present our first set of proposals for the 2019-2021 contract negotiations.

The team used the hundreds of Local 17 contract survey responses, as well as experiences in their respective offices, to develop work-rule proposals. While wage increases continue to be the top priority in this contract, other items on the priority list include: implementing tools for succession planning, getting more training for union Stewards, and having better access to new employees to help them understand the importance of being a union member. Economic discussions will be held closer to the release of the state’s revenue forecast.

Negotiations continue on May 30 when management will present their first set of proposals and likely some initial responses to ours. Stay tuned for more robust updates as we get farther into the bargaining process.

If you have any questions, please contact your Union Representative.

CVEO/CVO Labor Management Committee

On a quarterly basis, your Local 17 Union Rep and members are meeting with representatives from other unions as well as Washington State Patrol (WSP) management in a Labor Management Committee (LMC) meeting to discuss current issues impacting our CVEO and CVO members. 

Jan. 11, 2018 meeting notes
Sept. 29, 2017 meeting notes

If you have issues you'd like to bring to the committee, please contact Alexis Young

2017-19 State Contract

Your 2017-19 contract was approved by the legislature on June 30, 2017. In accepting the terms of the new contract, the following changes will be enacted on July 1, 2017:

  • A 6% cost-of-living increase, which includes a 2% increase in July 2017, a 2% increase in July 2018, and a 2% increase in January 2019.
  • Additional targeted salary increases for more than 80% of our members
  • An increase in vacation accrual (for the first time in decades!)
  • An increase in the number of rest hours paid after 16 hours of work in a 24 hour period
  • The ability to grieve workplace behavior investigations
  • Improved supervisory pay for DOL-LSRs
  • A 53% increase in the night shift premium
  • Flexibility for employees' whose day off falls on a holiday
  • Maintainance of the healthcare premium-sharing ratio (85/15)

But our work is not done yet!

Members must be prepared to strongly lobby legislators to pass the state employee contracts. The funding of this agreement and all state employee union contracts will be determined by the 2017 legislature that must approve a budget to absorb the cost of the agreements. Lawmakers will be challenged by this while also considering the needs within the entire state budget including a State Supreme Court mandate that billions of new funding must be provided to basic education.

Additionally, Local 17 staff and members will challenge the State agencies covered by this process to continue to look at those classifications at DOL, DOT and WSP that did not receive special targeted classification salary increases. Members will be needed to get involved in this process as well.

You can read more about this year's negotiations, and find the details of the 2017-19 agreement below.

Summary of Changes

Full tentative agreement (red-lined)

Compensation Appendicies C and E

State employee birthdates prohibited from release to Freedom Foundation

In the on-going court case between public sector unions in Washington state -- including Local 17 -- and the Freedom Foundation, the Court Commissioner this week prohibited the release of state employee birthdates to the anti-union group pending the outcome of the appeal. Since this could take up to a year to work its way through the Appeals Court, this is a victory for state union members who are concerned about safeguarding their personal information.

In compliance with the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56.250), state employee names and work emails have been released to the Freedom Foundation. Local 17 will be working with other unions in the 2017 legislative session to ammend the requirements of this law to ensure that your privacy is protected.

Current Contract

To access an electronic version of the 2017-19 Collective Bargaining Agreement, click here.

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