Steward Resources

What is a Steward?

The Steward is an official member representative of Local 17 who acts as a key resource for other Local 17 members in the workplace. Since the Steward is both a union member and an employee, they know the individual workplace environment very well and have a vested interest in ensuring the contract is upheld and all members are treated fairly. Read more about what a steward is, what role they play, and how they are selected in this flyer.

Want to become a Local 17 Steward? Contact your Union Representative!

Steward Resource Guide

Local 17's Steward Resource Guide is available at Steward trainings, through your Union Representative, or downloadable below. The guide has expanded information on labor laws, employee rights, dispute resolution and more. Check the event calendar for the next Steward training in your area!

Steward Resource Guide

Other Steward Resources:

Need to file a grievance on behalf of a member? Here are some helpful links: