Organizational Structure

Local 17 is governed by its members via the Executive Board and the Regional Executive Committee (REC), and is operated in accord with the rules defined in its constitution and policies. Day-to-day operations are the responsibility of the Executive Director who reports to the Executive Board. You can find the constitution at the link below.

Local 17 Constitution

Executive Board
The Executive Board is the equivalent of the union’s board of directors. The board meets monthly to make policy decisions between REC meetings and exercises financial oversight of union operations. Each board member is elected by a membership-wide vote and serves a three-year term of office. To learn more about the current Executive Board, visit the Local 17 Executive Board page.

Executive Director
The Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day administrative and financial operations of the union, and may develop policies necessary to facilitate these functions. The Executive Director hires and supervises the union’s staff and serves, personally or through designated staff members, as the official representative of the Local in all labor relations and business matters.

Regional Executive Committee (REC)
The REC is the union’s primary policymaking body.  It is composed of delegates who are selected by union members at the chapter level, in numbers proportional to the number of members within each chapter’s jurisdiction. To learn more about the REC, visit the REC page.

Union Staff

The union staff is structured by the Executive Director and reports to the Executive Director. It is organized as follows:

Union Representatives
These are the labor relations professionals who are responsible for assisting members with contract negotiations and administration, including grievance processing, and representation at meetings and hearings, including arbitration and agency proceedings. Find your Union Representative.

Program Directors
These are staff specialists in defined areas of expertise responsible for specific strategic activities such as communications, legislative affairs, training and organizing. Contact a Program Director.

Administrative/Financial Specialists, Assistants
These are staff employees responsible for performance of specialized internal tasks such as membership administration, accounting, financial reporting, accounts payable, document processing, information technology functions, etc.


There are many ways for members to get involved. For more information on ways you can participate, please visit our member leadership opportunities page.