City of Seattle

Local 17 Union Representatives for City of Seattle Members

Lisa Jacobs, 206-328-7321 ext. 105 (Muni Court Probation Counselors, HSD, SDOT, SPD)
Patti Kieval, 206-328-7321 ext. 106 (IT Prof, Parks, Neighborhoods, DOIT, DPD, Muni Court)
Guadalupe Perez, 206-328-7321 ext. 109 (City Light, Fire, Housing, Seattle Center)
Charles Primm, 206-328-7321 ext. 107 (Arts, Econ Dev, Ethics, FAS, Law, OCR, Retirement, SPU)

Seattle NegotiationsTentative Agreement on 2014 COLA Reached!

Local 17 bargaining teams, in conjunction with the Coalition of City Unions, have reached a tentative agreement (TA) with the City of Seattle regarding a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2014. The TA is for 100% of COLA (1.8%) for 2014, effective retroactively to Jan. 1, 2014. The agreement is tentative until voted on by the Local 17 membership.

VOTE! Tentative Agreement for 2014

The Coalition of City Unions and the City of Seattle have tentatively agreed to a 1.8% Cost of Living Wage Adjustment (COLA) for 2014. This tentative agreement is now ready to be voted -- your bargaining team recommends a "YES" vote.

Please vote via the electronic ballot for your unit at the appropriate link below:

All votes must be received by Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 5pm. You can read the details of the TA at the links below:

Important Details of the Tentative Agreement
Full Text of Tentative Agreement

Get to Know Your Retirement Plan!

The City will likely propose changes to your plan during negotiations -- learn more about what's at stake with the resources below, and come to one of the upcoming Local 17 retirement trainings (see flyer below)!

Get to Know Your Retirement Plan - Local 17 FAQs
Retirement Report - City of Seattle, April 2012
Executive Summary - City of Seattle, April 2012

Retirement May 2014

Steward Training Series

Steward Training Series

VEBA Vote Results
(for Retirement-Eligible Members)

Retirement-eligible employees (as determined by the City) voted on whether or not to adopt the Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association (VEBA) plan. The VEBA plan is a medical savings account designed to help defray medical expenses when you retire.

Members under the Master contract and the Information Technology contract voted to adopt VEBA which means that if you retire between 1/1/14 and 12/31/14 that you can either place your sick leave cash out at 35% into your VEBA account or forfeit the sick leave cash out altogether.

Members under the Municipal Court contract voted to not continue the VEBA program. This means that members will no longer be eligible to place their sick leave into a VEBA account upon retirement. Instead, members who are retiring in 2014 will have one of two options: 1) Members can cash out their sick leave balance at 35% and deposit those dollars into their deferred compensation account. The annual limits for the deferred compensation contributions as set by the IRS would apply; or 2) Members can cash out their sick leave balance at 25% and receive the dollars as cash on their final paycheck.

Click here to read more about the VEBA program at the City of Seattle.

2014 City Budget Forecast

The 2014 budget for the City of Seattle is looking up, according to Beth Goldberg, Director of the City Budget Office.  This is good news for our City of Seattle members who are negotiating a new contract this fall. 

“Thanks to a slowly improving economy and solid budget management practices that we have adopted over the past couple of years, the 2014 Proposed Budget will offer the City the opportunity to invest in emerging needs in a way that has not been possible in recent years,” said Goldberg in an email to all City employees.

The August budget forecast, presented in early September, revealed a net $10.3 million in revenue to the General Fund.  (The full presentation can be found here.) This budget forecast is what Mayor Mike McGinn will use as a basis for his recommendations for allocating resources in the coming year.  He will send his budget to the City Council on Sept. 23.   

“This is good news for our dedicated city members who have sacrificed much over the last few years of the economic downturn,” said Local 17 Union Representative Guadalupe Perez.  “Now that the local economy is recovering, our bargaining team will press for the positive gains that our members deserve.”

City of Seattle 2014 COLA

The COLA formula that we have agreed with the City of Seattle to use has come in at 1.8% for 2014. Since our collective bargaining agreement expires on December 31, 2013, there is not a provision in it for how much our members will receive in 2014. The issue of what COLA our members receive will be negotiated with the City as part of bargaining the new contract.

Seattle Chapter Meetings

The next meeting is on:
Thursday • May 8
12 Noon - 1:00 p.m.
SMT Room 4050/4060

Your Bargaining Team

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to represent their fellow members on the Bargaining Teams for our new contract. Your Bargaining Team members for the following contracts are:

2013 Master contract Team

Master Contract Team
Jeff Bender (SDOT), Thomas Hughes (SPU), Denise Krownbell (City Light), Terra McCaffree (HSD), Dan O'Sullivan (City Light), Ariska Thompson (SPU), Clay Thompson (DPD), Patricia Young (Parks & Rec)

IT Prof Contract Team

IT Contract Team
John Alton (HSD), Liz Bukis (SPU), Kent Nickel (SPD), Tim Pingrey (FAS), Julie Renick (SCL)

Municipal Court (Probation Counselors) Team
Jason Grant, Tonya Dotson

February 2014
November 2013
March 2013

Contract Information

All contracts extended through Dec. 31, 2013.

Master Contract
(Prof/Tech/Sr. Business/Sr. Professional/Admin. Support)

Muni Court Agreement

IT Professional Contract

City of Seattle website with Union Contracts

MOU - Contract Extension 2011-2013

MOU - 2010 Furlough Agreement

MOU - Contract Extension 2010

Seattle Chapter Officers & REC Delegates

Below is the list of officers and Regional Executive Committee (REC) delegates. Officer positions are one-year terms, and REC delegate positions are two-year terms. Terms began on Jan. 1, 2014.

President: Darlene Flynn
Vice President: Bradley Wilburn
Secretary: Marta Idowu
Treasurer: Flor Alarcon

REC Delegates

Heidi Baumgardner
Liz Bukis
Doris Burgess
Kirn Chana
Rhonda Denet-Weems
Regina Elder
Elias Gebreslasie
Apu Ghosh
Preston Hampton
Gene Harris
Stefanie Hegland
Vicki Jones
Vicki Lord
Karen Messo
Dan O'Sullivan
Art Pederson
Cynthia Robinson
Joe Steinmeyer
Dianne Thomas
Jose Torres
Linda Timmen
Darren Wilson
Patricia Young

MLKC Labor Council Delegates

Liz Bukis
Kate Garrow
Ulysses Hillard
Guadalupe Perez