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The newsletter below (click the image to link to the PDF) is emailed regularly to KCIT members to update you on the progress/resolution of various labor issues in the department.

Starting in June 2016, the newsletter has been emailed to personal email addresses versus work addresses for privacy reasons. If you need to update your personal contact information with us, you can do that HERE.

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Tentative Agreement reached in Total Comp negotiations for 2017-18 contract

The King County Coalition of Unions, which includes Local 17, is pleased to report that we reached a tentative agreement with the County on Sept. 7 for the 2017-18 contract.

The agreement is for a total 2.25% wage increase in 2017, and a 2.75% increase in 2018, contingent on ratification of a Master Agreement effective Jan. 1, 2018.

The Coalition was also able to secure one additional day of vacation in 2017 and two days in 2018. After hearing concerns about members not being able to use their vacation days, the Coalition also secured language protecting members from going over their vacation cap in instances where they are unable to get approved vacation leave.

The County will continue to contribute $1465 per employee per month into insurance for 2017 and will increase that amount by 4% in 2018 to $1524. We also secured that there will be no premium share for two years.

The Coalition and the County agreed to extend the Paid Parental Leave pilot for 2017, to be negotiated for 2018 and beyond. We also settled on language protecting members’ individual contracts during the Master Agreement negotiation process.

We are grateful to the Local 17 bargaining team members -- Hossein Barahimi (DOT/Transit), Sheryl Davis (Public Health), Henry Dotson (DNRP), Steve Ford (IT), Jennell Hicks (Public Health), Barry Samet (DOT/Transit), Fred White (DDES/DPER), and Leonard Winchester (Public Health) -- for fighting hard for the rights of all of their members, and for obtaining a solid tentative agreement that satisfied all members of the Coalition. We will be holding information sessions soon, followed by a vote on the agreement by bargaining unit.


Have a topic or suggestion for the next Joint Labor Management IT (JLMIT) meeting?

The JLMIT committee consists of Local 17 members and management working together to find solutions to workplace issues in King County IT.

Now you can submit your topics directly to your Local 17 JLMIT committee members! Use the suggestion box below to let the committee know what issues you'd like discussed at the next meeting.

Check out the answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) here. To find out what's been on the agenda in recent months, read the electronic meeting notes on the right-hand column of this page under JLMIT. There you will also find a list of your fellow Local 17 members who serve on the committee.

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IT Contract Extended Through 2016

By an overwhelming majority, the contract extension vote passed after ballots closed on Jan. 8. You can read the details of the agreement in the documents below:

2013-2016 TA with Addendum A
2013-2016 Addendum B
2013-2016 Addendum C
MOA for DOT - Step Progression
MOA for Public Health - Step Progression
MOA Executive Leave Awards
MOA Judicial Performance Appraisal Scoring
MOA LMC on Security Clearances and Background Checks
Proposed Family Medical Leave Changes

This extension includes a re-opener for After Hours Support. The County is seeking to open this issue and negotiate changes, however we do not yet know their interests or proposals. We will keep the bargaining unit apprised of any developments. If you have any questions about the contract extension, please contact your Union Representative.



King County IT Contracts

The contract that expired on Dec. 31, 2016 has been rolled over through Dec. 31, 2017. Click here to view the MOA.

2013-2016 Contract

2012-2013 Contract

2011 Contract

2007-2009 Contract

Chapter Information

2015 Chapter Meeting Schedule


Stewards are the front line of the union. Stewards know the workplace as well as anyone and are the conduit through which membership, union staff, and management communicate. Stewards organize, communicate, interpret the contract and handle grievances. Being a Steward is an intensely rewarding experience.

Current Stewards:
Arnold Bahr
Steven Coffing
Steve Ford
Gunnar Goerlitz
Jon Grissom
Eric Manson
Lynn Mazer
Jeffrey Straughn
Floyd Suiter
Peg Taglianetti
Ed Turner
Jeremy Ward


The Joint Labor Management Info Tech (JLMIT) committee consists of the following members:

Steve Ford
Jon Grissom
Lynn Mazer
Peg Taglianetti

Read the JLMIT notes from:



The Employee Development Labor Management Committee (EDLMC) consists of the folllowing members:

Steve Coffing - KCIT/Svc Ctr
Steve Ford - KCIT/DAJD
Roy LaZelle - KCIT EAS
Lynn Mazer - DJA
Jeff Straughn - KCIT/DAJD
Jeremy Ward - KCIT/PH
Ursula White - KCIT/DOT
Peg Taglianetti - KCIT EAS

Read the EDLMC notes (formerly called JUMITT) from:




Policy Committee

The Policy Committee (PC) is a representative body that functions as an action-oriented executive of all members. The PC stands between the membership as a whole and the Bargaining Committee, serving to educate and communicate to the members and to provide direction, guidance and feedback to the Bargaining Committee.

The PC meets on the first Monday of every month from noon to 1:00 p.m. in RR, FBOD 233 Conference Room - Rhododendron.

Meeting Summary

To view the summaries of past PC meetings, visit the PC archives.