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Tentative Agreement reached in Total Comp negotiations for 2017-18 contract

The King County Coalition of Unions, which includes Local 17, is pleased to report that we reached a tentative agreement with the County on Sept. 7 for the 2017-18 contract.

The agreement is for a total 2.25% wage increase in 2017, which includes a 0.5% Coalition Premium, and a 2.75% increase in 2018, contingent on ratification of a Master Agreement effective Jan. 1, 2018.

The Coalition was also able to secure one additional day of vacation in 2017 and two days in 2018. After hearing concerns about members not being able to use their vacation days, the Coalition also secured language protecting members from going over their vacation cap in instances where they are unable to get approved vacation leave.

The County will continue to contribute $1465 per employee per month into insurance for 2017 and will increase that amount by 4% in 2018 to $1524. We also secured that there will be no premium share for two years.

The Coalition and the County agreed to extend the Paid Parental Leave pilot for 2017, to be negotiated for 2018 and beyond. We also settled on language protecting members’ individual contracts during the Master Agreement negotiation process.

We are grateful to the Local 17 bargaining team members -- Hossein Barahimi (DOT/Transit), Sheryl Davis (Public Health), Henry Dotson (DNRP), Steve Ford (IT), Jennell Hicks (Public Health), Barry Samet (DOT/Transit), Fred White (DDES/DPER), and Leonard Winchester (Public Health) -- for fighting hard for the rights of all of their members, and for obtaining a solid tentative agreement that satisfied all members of the Coalition. We will be holding information sessions soon, followed by a vote on the agreement by bargaining unit.

17D Seniority/Layoff List

The Local 17 Professional and Technical (17D) contract was recently ratified by the membership. Included in the latest contract are changes to layoff groupings, which could cause a change to where you fall seniority-wise on the list.

We reached out to both members and Human Resources to put together the most accurate seniority list possible. Thank you to everyone who has given us information and data to help us compile this list. Please keep in mind the seniority date listed is your seniority date within the bargaining unit and will only be used in the event of layoffs.

17D Seniority List
(as of March 2016, includes by group and by date lists)

Transit P&T (17D) Contract

You can view the redlined tentative agreement and the memorandum of understanding for SCADA at the links below:

2015-16 Tentative Agreement for 17D

King County Looking for Members to Shape the Future of Public Transportation

King County Metro is putting together a planning committee to craft a 25-year plan to make public transportation faster and more efficient. They are seeking to work with local jurisdictions and community stakeholders across the region to guide their decision-making regarding transit.

Local 17 is encouraging its transit members who live in King County to participate. Your transportation expertise will be essential to this effort. Members can apply to serve on the Community Advisory Group, attend advisory group meetings, and take surveys or provide other input on your vision for the future of public transportation.

According to King County: "The plan will guide Metro through 2040 in providing a coordinated, regional transportation system that improves the lives of all King County residents. The plan will describe an integrated network of transportation options, the facilities and technology needed to support those services, and the financial requirements for building the system. It will be developed in close coordination with Sound Transit and other transportation agencies."

You can learn more about the project and sign up for online notifications on their website:



The contract that expired on Dec. 31, 2016 has been rolled over through Dec. 31, 2017. Click here to view the MOA.

2015-16 Contract
for Transit P&T (17D) members

2015-16 Contract
for Roads P&T (17M) members

Bargaining Units

DOT IT (17M)
P & T Policy Committee
Roads P & T (17M)
Roads P&T Professional (17M)
Transit P&T (17 D)

Chapter Information

2015 Chapter Meeting Schedule

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee is an elected body functioning under the authority of the Constitution and policies of PTE Local 17.
The purpose of our Policy Committee is to represent the interests of all the members in our bargaining units.

Seniority Lists

The current labor agreement defines seniority groupings based on negotiations between the Union and the management of the County. The Policy Committee regularly requests the County to provide employee names and titles to update this seniority list based upon the seniority groupings of the contract. Since updating the seniority list often requires additional research time, there is some delay from the date the County provides data and the posting of this list. However, if you are aware discrepancies in this list, please contact a member of the Policy Committee.

Seniority List
(as of March 2016)