Pierce County Members

Contact Local 17 Representative Denise Cobden
(206) 328-7321 or (800) 783-0017, Ext. 127

No Healthcare Premium Changes for 2017

There will be no increase in your healthcare premium for either Teamsters Plan A or the Teamsters Group Health plan that covers Pierce County members in 2017. You can find more detailed information in the document at the link below.

2017 Teamsters Health Plan Changes

VEBA Vote Results

Both units of members overwhelmingly voted to adopt HRA VEBA for the years 2016-2018. They also voted that the program should be at the 100% level of sick leave cash-out payable upon retirement.

2016-17 Contracts Ratified!

On December 15, members overwhelmingly ratified new two year agreements for both the Engineering (96.5% 'Yes' vote) and Supervisor (91% 'Yes' vote) bargaining units.

The bargaining committee worked extremely hard in presenting a proposal based on the bargaining surveys submitted by members at Pierce County to achieve a contract that worked for both sides. Highlights of the two-year agreement are:

Year 1
Effective Jan. 4, 2016 an increase of 1.1%
Effective June 20, 2016 an increase of 1.0%

Year 2
Effective Jan. 2, 2017 an increase of 1.50%
Effective June 19, 2017 an increase of 1.25%

Pierce County will pay for the 5.7% increase to the healthcare premium for 2016 and will pick up the first 6% of any premium increase in 2017.

Local 17 members are also able to participate in the employee paid, voluntary short term disability program. This benefit was provided to you during the recent open enrollment period. If you missed out on that this year, you can sign up next year. Again, this is a voluntary plan.

Life Insurance
Increased from $15,000.00 to $25,000.00

Employees scheduled 35 hours per week or more will be considered fulltime and their seniority date will not be adjusted due to their reduced schedule.

You can find the details of the redlined contracts in the post below. Thank you for your participation in this important process.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the bargaining committee: Troy Lee, Aaron Erickson, or Mike Manley

2017 Chapter Meetings

All Pierce County Chapter meetings are held at 4:30 p.m. in the Tacoma Mall Office Building 4th Floor, Conference Rooms 4A and 4B. See dates below for upcoming meetings.

Sept. 5

Chapter Officers and Stewards

January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018

President: Troy Lee
Mike Manley
Treasurer: Aaron Erickson
REC Delegates:
Troy Lee, Aaron Erickson

We have an opening for the Secretary position. If you are interested, please contact Chapter President Troy Lee.

Raymond Belleza, Bryan Chappell, Chris Estep, Erica Grimm, Aaron Erickson, Hans Hunger, Troy Lee, Juan Loyola, Mike Manley, Sarah Motsenbocker, Seth Schade 

Contract Info

Current Contracts

2016-17 Engineering Contract

2016-17 Supervisors Contract

Previous Contracts

2015 MOU - Wages and Health Benefits - Engineering Unit

2015 MOU - Wages and Health Benefits - Supervisors Unit

2013-2014 Engineering Supervisors Contract

2013-2014 Engineers Contract

Supervisors - rollover contract
2009-11 Supervisors Contract

Engineers - rollover contract
2009-2011 Engineers Contract

Water Quality - LOU
Health Care MOA
Supervisors MOA

Pierce County Seniority List

(as of June 21, 2015)

Supervisors Unit
Engineers Unit