Skagit County Members General Info

Public Health • Planning and Development Services • Geographic Information Services (GIS) • Emergency Management

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Skagit County Member Leaders

Emergency Management

Krista Salinas, Steward, Negotiating Committee, Health Care Rep.
Kelly Blaine, Steward (back up)

Geographic Information Services

Rachel Schwinden, Steward, Negotiating Committee
Kari Secrest, Steward (back up)

Planning and Development Services, Group 1

Leah Forbes, Steward

Planning and Development Services Group 2

Lori Anderson, Steward
Georgine Rosson, Steward (back up)
Joane Ostwind, Health Care Rep. (back up)

Public Health


Mel Pedrosa, Steward



Britt Pfaff-Dunton, Steward, Negotiating Comm., Health Care Rep.


Amie Tidrington, Steward (back up)

Contract Information

President - Tom Kunesh (Whatcom Co. Health)

Vice President - Edward Halsaz (Whatcom Co. Health)

Secretary/Treasurer - Jackie Russell-Stear
(not pictured)
(Whatcom Co. Health)

REC Delegate - Betsy Pernotto
(Whatcom Co. Health)

REC Delegate - Charles Sullivan

REC Alternate - Bill Angel
(Whatcom Co. Health, Bellingham)

Labor Council Delegates
(2 positions)
Bill Angel, Betsy Pernotto (Whatcom Co. Health, Bellingham)