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Action Items from Recent Social Event
Feb. 1, 2018 • Veraci Pizza

I recently hosted a social event at Veraci Pizza for all SHRD members. It was a very positive event and I greatly enjoyed meeting the ten members that attended. The goal is to get more attendance at these events going forward, so I hope to see more of you there next time!

-Your Union Rep, Alexis Young, 800-783-0017 ext. 103

During the event, we discussed the following action items:

1. Chapter Officer Identification: Katie Rand (President) is on leave, returning March 1st. Lisa Smith is currently the acting President. Alexandra Hayes volunteered to step in as needed and she would make a great Secretary-Treasurer if that position is vacant.

2. Stewards: These are agents of the union and are vital links in keeping the union strong and moving it forward. We have the right to have seven total stewards. See Article 3.3 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for greater detail. Ideally, we could have one steward from each division (Administration, Community and Family Services, Disease Prevention and Response, Environmental Public Health, Health Promotion and Treatment Services). Please let me know if you are a steward or are interested in becoming a steward. I will conduct a vote if there are more stewards/volunteers than the allowed amount. Once we have the stewards identified, I will get a steward training scheduled.

3. Conference Committee: These are meetings with management to discuss general workplace concerns and issues. I strive to have these quarterly. We had a committee meeting on February 1, 2018, wherein Heather Wallace, Gretchen Chomas and Alexandra Hayes volunteered to participate. It was a good meeting, especially for me, as it allowed me to introduce myself to Torney, Sue and Debbie in person. We discussed (1) the proposed change to Article 8 (which has since passed), (2) Initiative I-1433, concerning sick leave and minimum wage, (3) reduction in SRHD's budget by the County and potential City contributions, (4) Alexis shadowing members, and (5) the upcoming salary survey. If you would like specifics on any of these items then please do not hesitate to reach out to me. The next meeting will likely be in May or June.

4. "Chapter" Meetings: I am happy to host these as often as people want. I prefer having them after hours at an off site location with food! I consider the meeting at Veraci a "chapter" meeting.

5. Bargaining Team: The Collective Bargaining Agreement allows for up to four employees to participate on the bargaining team for purposes of contract negotiations. The next round of negotiations will likely start in October of this year. We will need to vote on the team members prior to that time.

6. Bulletin Boards: The bottom line is that they need to be updated. Alexandra Hayes and Kayla DeBusk volunteered to work on updating the bulletin board. I would like to get a bulletin board on each floor of the SRHD building.



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