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Your 2017-18 Contract Passed!

Voting has ended on the tentative agreement reached with Whatcom County for your 2017-18 contract, and the contract has been approved: 70% YES, 30% NO.

You can find a summary of changes to the contract below.

Summary of Changes

Membership Meeting Discussion: Comp Time, Family Leave and Employees working less than 1.0 FTE

At the March 14 membership meeting, members wanted their concerns conveyed to the County with regard to the changes in the 2017-18 contract on: 4.13 - Compensatory Time and Article 9 - Family Leave. The County responded that their position on these contract provisions will not change.

Members also wanted clarification on a proposed new Section 23.3.1 - Employees Working Less than 1.0 FTE. The following is the County’s explanation:

The intent of section 23.3.1 is to provide employee only coverage for employees working less than full time, but not full family coverage. Employees working less than 1.0 FTE who want to cover their family would contribute a pro-rated share for the additional cost.

The purpose of the language excluding current .9 FTE positions is to keep these employees whole with regard to the benefit package they currently have. Since they were hired before 2017, this clause does not apply to them even if they move to 1.0 FTE and later return to .9 FTE.

The County is moving toward a philosophy that employees working part-time should not be entitled to the same benefit package as employees working full-time. When a part-time employee receives full benefits, their total compensation is effectively higher than their full-time counterpart.

If you have questions, please contract a member of your bargaining team: James Hayes, Wendy Porter or Annie Costello, your Local 17 Union Representative.

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